Restoring the Hollinwood Canal

Benefits of Restoration

  • The canal offers potential for further redevelopment and regeneration of Droylsden town centre.
  • There is potential for water sports facilities adjacent to existing sports centre north of Droylsden.
  • The canal opens up a green corridor for walkers and cyclists between Droylsden and Daisy Nook and also from Littlemoss, through Droylsden and on towards Manchester.
  • There will be the opportunity to improve the alignment of the hazardous Newmarket Road/Stannybrook Road junction.
  • There is the opportunity to expand facilities at Daisy Nook Country Park with improved car parking and new visitor centre.
  • The canal offers potential for enhancing the redevelopment and regeneration of former Hollinwood gas works site and A62 area.
  • There is potential for large marina development between Rochdale Canal and Hollinwood.
  • There is potential for residential and small-scale retail development alongside new canal route through Hollinwood.
  • The canal opens up a green corridor for walkers and cyclists between Hollinwood and Daisy Nook.
  • Restored canals have been shown to add value to the properties in the area.

Obstacles to Restoration

  • The most significant obstacle to the restoration of the canal is the M60 motorway, which crosses the line of the canal twice between Droylsden and Hollinwood. The levels are not suitable for aqueducts to be constructed straight across on the original line and level of the canal. It may be possible to divert the canal slightly to the north at Littlemoss and construct an aqueduct where the motorway is at a lower level. Another solution, which would work for both crossings, would be a raised aqueduct with a lock at each side and a pump to ensure that there is sufficient water in the aqueduct trough. Other options will be investigated and suggestions are welcome!
  • There was an aqueduct which carried the canal across the Manchester to Huddersfield railway at Littlemoss. This aqueduct was removed when the canal was closed and would need to be replaced.
  • Parts of the canal are still in water and much of the canal route is still open land. However, there has been some building on sections of the route in Droylsden and Hollinwood. There are a number of options for alternative routes in these areas which we will investigate.
  • The construction of a new link from Hollinwood to the Rochdale Canal would involve a bridge to take the canal below the A62 Oldham Road. It may be possible to use an existing bridge at Hudson Street to take the canal under the railway.

In the meantime...

In the short term volunteers from the Society, in partnership with Oldham Countryside Service and in conjunction with Waterway Recovery Group, have been working to restore and improve canal features in Daisy Nook Country Park. This is being done in order to help prevent further deterioration and to make the various historic structures easier for visitors to interpret.