About the Hollinwood Canal Society

Waterhouses Aqueduct
Waterhouses Aqueduct, Daisy Nook

About Us

The Hollinwood Canal Society was formed in 2004 and is concerned with the Hollinwood Branch and the Fairbottom Branch of the Ashton Canal and the possibility of realising the 1792 proposal to link the Hollinwood Branch with the Rochdale Canal. We refer to these waterways collectively as "The Droylsden and Hollinwood Canal".

The society aims to see the protection of the line of the canal, the preservation of the remaining heritage, the restoration of the canals within Daisy Nook Country Park and the re-connection of Daisy Nook with the Ashton Canal.

The society would like to see the canal route protected as a green corridor for walking, cycling, fishing and eventually boating between Droylsden and Daisy Nook. It would like to see the route protected between Crime Lake and Hollinwood, providing a green and pleasant route linking the built-up areas to the countryside.

The highlight of the canal is the amazing collection of historic canal features within Daisy Nook Country Park and our short term aim is to prevent these features from falling into decline. We wish to see a section of the canal restored to navigable condition in Daisy Nook Country Park, giving rise to the possibility of a small trip boat operating there and the waterway being used for canoeing and small boats once again. The Society will also work for the protection of other sections of the canal route from future development and to maintain the route as a leisure facility.

In the longer term we aim to see the re-opening of a route between Daisy Nook and the Ashton Canal at Droylsden. We would also like to see the protection of the canal line beyond Crime Lake and to see it used as a green leisure corridor.

A re-opened canal will enhance the areas it passes through and aid the regeneration of these areas, as has happened with the reopening of the Huddersfeld Narrow Canal in the Tame and Colne Valleys.

A re-opened canal will create pleasant, environmentally-friendly surroundings so that everyone can enjoy the countryside on their doorsteps, while bringing our history and heritage back to life.

Help us achieve these aims - please join us! (Or consider making a donation.)

The Society works to increase awareness and knowledge of the canal and its history. There are regular guided walks and a history trail has been developed.

The Hollinwood Canal Society is a Registered Charity (No.1104942) and a company (No.5056634) limited by guarantee.

Working Parties

There are a number of working parties organised for members each year. Most of these are run in conjunction with Waterway Recovery Group North West, whose members bring specialised skills and equipment.

Members are invited to come along and join in. No previous experience is necessary and jobs can be allocated to suit your capabilities. Contact the Working Party Organiser for more information [0161 683 4470].